Dutch Neil Young

Gerry Wolhof started making music at age 15, and formed in 1979 with some friends the band “Aura”. Most performances are in the province of Groningen, close to home.

From the beginning people were astounded by his similarity qua voice and looks to Neil Young, who is still one of his biggest idols. In 1984 an acquaintance entered him in the popular television show “the sound mix show” from Hennie Huisman, where eventually in 1985 he ended third (Rene Shuman won). During this period Gerry performs mostly solo or together with Jan Kielman (base) throughout the Netherlands, at festivals, student clubs, pubs, community centres, youth centres etc, and even the “Nieuwe Revue”(magazine) party in “36 on the Richter scale”.

In 1986 Gerry discovers melodious rock and forms together with Bé Brakke en Dikkie Pomp the band “Face to Face”, and still plays solo now and then. At the end of 1989 there is again a trio with the name “Going West” with Evert Erents and Jan Kielman.

Gerry in Tilligte 03-08-0715The beginning of the 1990’s and Gerry is still playing solo or with his wife Rieka, and the formation of “Still Going West” begins to take form with Jan Kielman and Remko Wind. In this period (1996) they release their first CD “727”. In 1999 there are a few changes in the band members and Ad Antonisse joins as base player/vocals and work starts on the second CD “After the Concert” which is released in 2001.

Bert Stadman joins as drummer and there are also performances as a trio (Gerry, Evert and Ad). In 2002 they form in this line-up “The Neil Young Mirror Band” and record a live CD. During the presentation of the CD together with Neil Young’s’ half sister Astrid Young who does a set alone, then together with the band they perform “Winter long”, “Powder finger” and “Motorcycle Mama”. From that moment on they play at many large events and festivals (TT night in Assen, Neil Young fanclubday, Oerol, Gronings ontzet, Dobber Festival).

Gerry still plays solo and can be placed in an assortment of events (60’s, 70’s, 80’s nights; pubs, restaurants, festivals, weddings and birthdays). He plays his own work as well as songs from i.e. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Barry McGuire, John Lennon, Gram Parsons, Cat Stevens, The Band, Eagles, or a complete Neil Young performance. (See the contact page for telephone number to book Gerry or the band).


For booking call +31 611 378 527